Tuesday, February 08, 2005

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what is pasma?

What is PASMA?A true Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania member should know and demonstrate the following:

Brief background of PASMA

It is the Pan Africanist Movement of Azania . A revolutionary student movement born on the 19th of June 1997 at the university of Western Cape, Bellville in Cape Town. This followed the demarcation of PASO as the name to be used by the comrades at the secondary level, while the new name PASMA meant and to be used by the comrades at tertiary level. PASO, that PASMA history, pride and its consistent come from what was the product of long and hard organisation and mobilisation under banishment of the early eighties. It was born on the 15 October 1989 in Welgespruit at Roodeport in Gauteng province. Among its founders were Cde Lungelo Mbandazayo (Founding President), Cde Lawrence "General Nqandela (Secretary General), Charge –in Mabaso (National Organiser) and other codies who led the PAC Youth Wing-PAYCO.
Our ideological convictionsPASMA is guided by the philosophy of Pan Africanism, which is total liberation and unification of the people of Africa and abroad under scientific socialism. This Pan Africanism is guided and rooted in the philosophy of Marxism –Leninism (dialectical materialism , scientific socialism and proletarian internationalism ) which is total liberation of all humanity through the working class revolution and establishment and construction of classless society

Knowing one anotherBuilding the organisation is a process that demands patience, persistence, and especially student organisation because students come and go, and time changes. The starting point of this exercise or process knows our members. This means we need to know who we are, dealing with and this involves all levels of the organisation –from branches to provinces to national.

Knowing who we are dealing with, will ensure that we chose the right comrades or people at a right time in a right positions or places.
Knowing who each of us is, means knowing where each of us come from and how we come to be where we are. This also includes what we are capable of doing in other words our abilities or skills as well as the type of persons each one of us is. This briefly means knowing the history one of each of us, and old members alike. This will afford or enable the party members or leadership to know or establish if the members or new members is reliable or can be trusted and entrusted.
Noble sons and daughters of the soil, this will help the party to identify and isolate opportunist elements who join the party to pursue their personal agendas and endings and the short term goals at the expense of party building and development.
A member of PASMASimply being a card-carrying member of PASMA is not sufficient to qualify one as genuine and not committed codre. Card-carrying members must first undergo training so that they can qualify as genuine and committed members of the party or organisation. A genuine and committed member of PASMA attends organisation meetings, events and any call for duty to pursue it, without failure unless enforced by circumstances beyond his/her control. The organisation comes first. The training should ensure that this becomes the culture of the organisation, members should know PASMA that is, its ideology, goals, policies, principles and programmes and be able to articulate them with confidence and clarity.
This lack of political and ideological training has resulted in the leadership on the one hand and the membership on the other hand not speaking the same language because of the phenomenon in the same way. Then, to bridge the gap it is necessary that the PASMA initiates political, ideological training issues, affecting the students general and across
the country and in Africa.

Ability to work with othersThis is the principle of collective leadership one of the pillars on which the PASMA is founded. It is expected and required that a PASMA member should be able to work within the official structures of the organisation. All genuine members of PASMA is selfless and consult his comrades at all times. Individualism, unilateralism and self-advertisement at the same expense of the organisation should be discouraged. The principle of collective leadership should not only be emphasized in the training of comrades but it must be adhered to and practised in all PASMA meetings.